Experience Cosmetics
A Better Blend... Not all mineral makeup is the same. Some of the household name companies that you see on QVC or
even drug store brands have far lower quality than small artisan companies such as Experience Cosmetics. Because those are
the names people know, they sometimes assume that they are the best when, in fact, it's only their advertising budget that is

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We never test on animals....
only friends and family.

Formulated in small batches for quality
and purity.
Check out our new line of brushes for perfectly flawless application...
First experience with
handcrafted cosmetics?    
Don't know what to expect?
"Small Cosmetics Companies a
Blessing or a Disaster"
Princess is a facial highlighter that
gives your face a luminous glow
that is absolutely  gorgeous. You
can use it all over your face, or
highlight your forehead, cheeks
and chin.          
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PRICE $5.00
Princess Face Highlighter